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New Member of Brazzlebox?

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Welcome to the neighborhood and to Brazzlebox! Please feel free to reply to this post and any of my daily blog posts so I can get to know our new virtual business family.  Members in our initial launch cities are a part of the beginning of what will be the nation’s largest network of small and home based business owners.  Please be patient as our network grows and log on daily to make new connections, shares ideas and provide feedback.  Your feedback is always welcome so if we can make the experience better for you let me know. More features are coming as the weeks and months go by to continue making this your go-to resource for your business.  Again – Welcome to Brazzlebox, you’re among friends!



2 comments on “New Member of Brazzlebox?

  1. Angel C Wyatt
    August 28, 2014

    How do we become members of Brazzlebox and join the bandwagon of small business networking?

    • brazzleboxceo
      September 4, 2014

      Angel, thank you for the inquiry! We are actually partnered all of the SBDC’s nationally and are in the process of putting our program together. What is great is that our community page will highlight your incredible services and our members will be directed to the proper SBDC base don their location. We wanted to be at the conference in Texas but we are launching in 2 weeks and have been so busy. All of the SBDC’s will have a free page and premium membership for life. I believe they are going to get word out to all locations but I will find our from Donna (Virginia) and Mary (Albany) what the plan is and get back to you. Fell free to e-mail me at anytime!

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