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Never Give Up!

Dont give up charlie
My very first business venture was also one of my most successful but it wasn’t at all easy and wasn’t without stress which I am sure a lot of you can relate to. It was an industry I had worked in for over 10 years and I had it in my head that I could build a similar company and offer clients better service, a better experience and greater results. It started off very slow and the hope of getting new clients early faded away quickly. I had a hard choice to make after 8 months of trying to secure that first client and the thought of closing presented its ugly head. There were a lot of believers in the model and in the program and in the people I had working for me, but no one said ‘yes’ yet. I would sit alone in my office wondering what if I had made the right decision for myself and more importantly for my family. I had already gone as far as borrowing money from family and friends, I had signed a 3 year lease in class “a” office space that I personally guaranteed and I had put every ounce of energy into trying to get this business started. But one thing I did know was that I couldn’t make it if I only went 99% of the way there – I had to see it through to 100% to know if this was actually going to take off, and that 1% of final determination made all of the difference. I remember the day that changed everything very well. I ended up taking a part time job as I had no income for over 8 months and needed something coming in. I was waiting to hear back from one last client who I was hoping would say ‘yes’ to our proposal. This client had many competitive proposals so it was not by any means a lock. I was in training at this part time job and I got a message on my cell phone from this client to call him back as they had made a decision. I never felt so incredibly scared in my life as this one call would make or break my company and my future. I excused myself and went into an office to use one of their phones to call him back. I reached him right away, had a bit of small talk and he then stated they had made a decision. And I will never forget the line “we have made a decision and we are sorry to say (my heart dropped) that your competitors are going to be unhappy as we are going with you! My heart leaped! And who knew this new client of mine was going to turn out to be a funny guy telling me backwards that we won his contract. It was an exciting moment – I quit the part time job right away and began down the road to growing my business.

I had every opportunity to stop and give up. No one would have faulted me as it was already a valiant effort. But I could not let my investors down, my family down and of course myself down. By staying the course and having incredible determination and perseverance I was able to secure our first client and grow our business into a multi-million dollar company. If you have a similar story to share please do and leave a comment or message me on the Brazzlebox Facebook page.

That coffee was a little strong today…but worth it!

One comment on “Never Give Up!

  1. Mark Soto
    July 14, 2013

    So many of us would not be here if we had given up, so we need to keep going! I made bad choices and landed on the streets, but Glory to God I’m working online with my wife and now we’re focused on success, making more money than our lifetime salaries combined. (My coffee is pretty strong too.) 🙂 Thanks for your post.

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