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Coffee With Glen…Everyday; My Own Backyard

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Good Morning – Today’s blog entry comes from Brazzlebox’s brilliant Director of Strategy, Roger Frank. Read on and enjoy…Glen

Hi Everyone, It’s great to see so many of you are enjoying “Coffee with Glen”. As I get to have “Coffee with Glen” everyday I thought it was time to say hello. You see, I’m part of the Brazzlebox team and have read with great interest your comments and feedback. We created Brazzlebox to help you run your business better and we can only do that by listening. Sure, we’ve been around the block a few times but it’s not just about what we think. As our goal is to make Brazzlebox the “go to” site for helping small and home-based business, we want to know what’s on your minds. Don’t worry we have tough skins, so keep that feedback coming!

In addition, as Glen asked me to share some of my own thoughts on why I joined Brazzlebox I figured it was time to say hello. In short, there are lots of reasons besides the fact that Glen is a great guy and really and deeply cares about making a difference, but more on that another time. For now, I thought I would start by sharing my own epiphany.
I’ve done a lot of cool stuff, traveled and worked in over 70 countries and have dined with Princesses and Presidents. (yes, real stories). I’ve also been to and worked in the slums in Brazil and India. I had the good fortune to be one of the founders and pioneers in commercializing microfinance, which is a way to help mostly women entrepreneurs in developing countries finance their own business. It’s been an incredible ride.

One day, after meeting with a microfinance investor I was driving back to Chicago and saw a sign for Gary, Indiana. With tunes from “The Music Man” playing in my head, I thought “wouldn’t it be interesting to see the town, home of Michael Jackson and formerly many steel mills.” I checked my watch and as I had 30 minutes to spare, go off the highway for my self-guided tour.
Wow. Was I hit in head by a brick. While on the surface, the poverty was not as bad as what I had seen around the world, I was not the one living there. While most of my professional career had been spent helping to develop companies and economies overseas, it hit me right between the eyes of how strong the need for economic development was in my “own backyard.”

Since then, in addition to my overseas work, I’ve turned my attention to what I can do at home. Joining Brazzlebox, to help small and home based business and promoting entrepreneurship, the real drivers of economic growth and development, was an easy decision.
Thanks for listening. Great to meet you and looking forward to your feedback and thoughts.

Director of Strategy

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