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Employee Loyalty

One of goals of this blog is to provide information on past success with various companies and businesses from all of our staff members. is a great way to connect small and home based business owners with their own social network but it is also designed to provide the most current and relevant information to help you conduct your business better.

Talking today about employee loyalty. Always amazed that my father worked for the same company for over 40 years and I would assume that a lot of our mother’s and father’s worked at companies for long periods of time. It seemed employer loyalty to their employees was much higher decades ago than it is now and that employer loyalty you could conclude created a lot of employee loyalty. With benefits decreasing and downsizing always a threat employee’s have lost that sense of loyalty from their employer. The loyalty seems stronger if a person has a great supervisor or manager regardless of the company benefits or vision.

One of my goals of one of my previous companies was to create what I simply called a Loyalty Based Office Environment. I will give up the ending and tell you that it worked! In a 7 year period none of my employees left to a competitor and the few that did leave was due to relocation or career change. Here were the positives of the Loyalty Based Office Environment… employee retention meant client/customer retention. It was a huge reason why I was able to secure multiple year contract renewals. If I had changed my client’s worker over and over sustaining that business would have been difficult. Also, employee morale, everyone really became a part of the team and we all shared the successes of growth and our company became the company that people wanted to work for. Lastly, not having to hire new people repeatedly kept the H/R and new employee training costs down.

How was the loyalty created? It takes commitment and understanding but for this company it was simply a fair wage with decent family benefits, providing a comfortable workspace and working environment and applauding and recognizing when good work is done. Don’t give them reason to leave and they won’t and it will pay off big time.

I was always proud of our employee retention as it revealed I was running a good company. Even today I will run into former industry partners who tell me that my company was one of the best in talent, work product and reputation. Being loyal and taking care of my employees paid off and created once of the most fun working environments I was ever a part of.

What do you think about employee loyalty? Like our post today if you agree that it belongs in today’s work environment or feel free to comment if you have a similar success story.

Our Director of Strategy Roger Frank has a great topic for tomorrow’s blog so check back!

Enjoy your day – thanks for having coffee with me!


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