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Reality Versus Perception – After Superstorm Sandy PART 1

Good Morning!

I have been coming down to the Southern Jersey shore since I was 5 years old. This is actually my 30th summer trip to Wildwood and Cape May New Jersey. I know the area well and I also know that this time of year business is booming, hotels are full and businesses are reaping the benefits of a warm summer. This year I see a much different Wildwood as I see empty parking spaces at many hotels, no lines at some restaurants and not as many people on the Boardwalks. The question is, do some people think that this area was destroyed or still recovering from the storm and therefore not coming to vacation here?

The reason this blog topic is a “part 1” is because I am in the process of speaking with some of the local businesses to see what they have noticed this season so far. The reality of the situation is that there was an amazing recovery effort and some areas have fully recovered. Is the perception that parts of the Jersey coast is NOT open for business? If that is the case who is responsible for making the public aware? The news stations? The businesses? The local Chambers? A tough discussion with a lot of emotion that we will do our best to get an answer for.

Please post a comment with your current status of the Jersey coast and if you think it is open for business. Has there been enough done to make the public aware that there are areas still recovering and that some areas are doing very well.

Part 2 coming soon with some more detail and our goal is to increase awareness of the situation.


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