Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Jesery Shore Business Owners Troubled

WTTNGood Morning!

Yesterday I was able to meet with 5 different small business owners along the Jersey Shore. My question to all of them was the same “have you noticed a loss of business and is it related to Hurricane Sandy?” Every store owner answered “yes.” There was a soft attempt to still blame the economy from some but that was followed by a reply that the economy was bad last year too and business was booming. One print and frame shop owner had heard that their area was nearly 100% booked in March of this year so they are baffled why hotels are at much lower capacity today. So is this only happening at the Jersey Shore?

Well…I inquired a little further south as a friend of mine is in Ocean City, Maryland and they also noticed that bookings and vacationers are way down. That area was not disturbed by Hurricane Sandy so now do we go back to the ‘bad economy’ reason for slow business?

Let’s take a deeper dive – The weather was a challenge for the month of June this year for a lot of businesses as above normal moisture hit the East Coast and many people chose to stay home. Now we have extreme temperatures in most of the east coast and will that boost traffic to hot vacation spots?

In regards to the Jersey Shore the main reason they feel business is down is too little positive media coverage letting people know that they are open for business. The campaign Brazzlebox is going to start for businesses in New Jersey is called “Hey, we’re OK!” They want everyone to know that they are open and all is good.

Our goal at Brazzlebox is to network small businesses together. It is also to bring awareness to issues that businesses struggle with every day. Send us your comments or stories and we will look into areas of concern for you. More to follow on this subject as we learn more over the next few days.

Have a great day!


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