Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Brazzlebox – Where did Name Come From?


I get asked a lot with how I came up with the name ‘Brazzlebox’ for our small and home based business social network. Being a small business owner myself for over 12 years and having those experiences gave me the idea for the site, but the name came from something very simple.

So, we called the site Brazzlebox. Why not call it Businessbox, BizNetwork or Bizbook since it has to do with business? Searching for the perfect name was difficult because almost every good domain name involving the word ‘business’ was taken. So the next best idea was coming up with a name that would be easy to remember and had some ‘pep’ and alliteration to it. So the search started with hard sounding ‘consonant’ words with double G’s, B’s or Z’s. The search went on for weeks and this proved to be more difficult than I thought. Then one day at home my daughter was yelling out a TV show from the other room and it was an old favorite of mine “Fraggle Rock.” Since she was in the other room it sounded fuzzy and ‘Fraggle Rock’ sounded like ‘Brazzle Box’. So I replied back- what is Brazzlebox? She corrected me right away that I heard her wrong…but I then knew I finally had my name, Brazzlebox. Whew!

Being a small business owner in many different industries I had to overcome many challenges throughout my career. It is funny how certain things come to pass and how sometimes one door closes and others open. But sometimes you do have to kick the door down and work hard to reach that opportunity that best suits you. You cannot expect things to always fall in your favor without working hard yourself. Owning a small business, as most of you know, takes 110% of your energy and effort and it becomes almost your entire existence. But the reward of doing well and being your own boss is so worth it. As I get more experienced in writing my stories in this blog I hope to entertain you with my adventures, help a lot of you avoid my mistakes but also learn from you to help make Brazzlebox a more beneficial social network. Feel free to share your stories and comments on this blog and I can feature them on our site. Go ahead and ‘like’ these posts if you find them relatable so it can help me focus on what is important to you. I am here to help and together we can make our small and home based business site a huge benefit to new and existing business owners.

Enjoy your day!


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