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WIT – Whatever It Takes

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening!

Today a quick discussion on what I like to call “WIT” which is an acronym for Whatever It Takes. Do you have “WIT?” These were words I lived by in the many years of starting up my own business and I will share my example.

Let me first say that you first have to ask yourself “am I an entrepreneur” and “do I have winning idea” and finally “am I willing to do whatever it takes to be successful?”
These are three very important questions you do have to ask yourself because being a successful small or home based business owner can be a long journey and you have to be willing to do whatever it takes or have “WIT” to get there.

In two other blog topics I am going to discuss “Are you an Entrepreneur” and “Do you have a Winning Idea?” But today let’s talk about “WIT” and share some of the things I did to ensure I gave my idea and business model enough time to grow and be desired. Because time is what some of these great ideas need to be noticed isn’t it? You know you have a winning idea and you know the service or product you are selling is going to be desired and all you need is a little time for your customers, clients or consumers to find you. So, do you have the “WIT” to get you there?

Here is my story. Starting up my first business I had hoped to land my first customer within 2-3 months. What we hope and what actually happens are sometimes very different timeframes (I am sure most of you can relate to this) and I found myself without my first customer still at 9 months. So 9 months without a salary with a family at home and of course bills to pay and I still needed more time to get my first client. I already knew I had a great idea and knew that the industry needed my service but I still did research every day to make sure I was meeting the demands of my prospective client. You have to keep working on your idea and learning about your industry and how to make your product or service more desirable. Now to pay those bills and to put food on the table I had to do whatever it took and wait as long as it took to get my first client. So I started with my friends and family and secured and borrowed small investments. I sold off a life insurance policy I had for 15 years to pay the mortgage for a few months. I cashed in my 401k. I sold my vintage 1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe guitar and a signed Thomas Kinkade painting on EBay to get groceries and pay the power bill. We stopped going out to eat. We took cans and bottles back as often as possible. Also had multiple garage sales during the summer. The whole experience felt like I was on a sinking ship and throwing anything heavy overboard so I could just make it into port.

For me and in this certain situation having “WIT” paid off. I secured my first client within a year and it just took off from there. We will all have different results and outcomes but the blog article today was to share with you what I had to do to reach my first client. I can easily say that my first client could have said “no” and my business may have never taken off but we all do not think like that right? We are determined to make it work and that is why was created…to connect all of you like-minded entrepreneurs who will do whatever it takes to be successful.

I am sure all of you have a lot of “WIT” in you and please comment, like or share if you have a similar experience or understand what it takes to make it as a small or home based business owner.

Enjoy your day and make it great!


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