Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

A “Boost” with Brazzlebox


I am getting a lot of great feedback from small and home based business owners and one of the biggest questions is what will Brazzlebox do for me? The picture associated with today’s blog was taken right from my backyard and provides the perfect answer. One of our employee’s daughter could not get to the top of the trampoline on her own and the daughter of another employee figured out a solution (as you can see) to provide a ‘boost’ to help get her on top. This is a big part of what Brazzlebox will be, networks of like minded or like industry individuals and specific directed resources to help you reach your goals as a successful business owner. People in business prefer to get information and assistance from other business owners in their area and not from some blogger in another country. The exchange of information needs to be very specific because the information to succeed in one town can vary from another town as close as 3 miles away. Your network connections are controlled by you. So you can network with business in the same industry, same state, zip code, town or street.

Brazzlebox’s goal is to be the most trusted informational resource for small business and small business start-ups on the web. We have partnered with many industry experts that will offer the most directed information to your questions immediately. We are also in the process of partnering with the small business development centers, chambers of commerce and the SBA. You should not have to get the answer to your question through a search engine that provides results based on ‘paid’ advertisements. The features and resources in Brazzlebox are all FREE so research and take advantage all you want. A lot of what we are doing is still under development so as we continue to add new features we will make our members aware. You can sign up in the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and Albany NY is you have not already –

We appreciate your patience as we build this and as with any business large or small we all go through some growing pains. We are asking for your feedback to make this the best social network experience for small business. Please follow us on Facebook and provide comments or LIKE or comment on our blog. Thank you and I will buy the coffee tomorrow!


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