Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Cubicle or Freedom!?


Good Morning!

I was born, raised, schooled, and reside in Syracuse, New York. Syracuse is a city with great potential but better direction is needed to make it a great city. A small example is that our AAA Baseball team is the farm team for the Washington Nationals? Syracuse has always been an American League city with mostly Yankee’s fans (some Boston) and to use a term from a previous blog (WIT), Syracuse needs to do Whatever It Takes (WIT) to get that Yankee farm team back to Syracuse (they were here in the 70’s but poor decisions paved the way for the Yankee farm team to move out). Not sure they will, but when only 30 people show up to each game it is a good sign that this city wants their Yankee farm team back! Blogs are great aren’t they? We can get out our opinions that engage and allow discussion. Ok, moving on…

I started my career as a Claim Adjuster and wanted nothing more than to work my way up the company ladder and be a Supervisor or a Manager. I worked in large and small cubicles and worked with many talented people over the years. I learned how to run an office properly by managers who were inspiring and I learned how NOT to run an office properly by managers who were complete disasters (c’mon, we have all had these kind of managers). This was when the entrepreneurial bug hit me and wanted to start a business and run a company successfully and properly. So I escaped the cubicle and was hoping I would have to never go back but left the door opened by not burning any bridges just in case. I am pleased to report that I did not have to go back and is my new social network company for small and home based business owners that many are excited about.

We all reach that crossroads where we ask ourselves do we want to continue to work for someone or do we want to work for ourselves. It is sometimes an easy decision to make and often times it is very hard. We always ask people are you an entrepreneur? Just about everyone says yes to this, but what that question truly means is are you prepared to do what it takes(WIT), suffer through the slow periods, manage your idea and money properly and have the commitment to follow through and become a success? Again, much of you will say YES and so welcome aboard this flight because it is going to a fun ride (some turbulence here and there, but the destination is worth it).

Once the Brazzlebox Community Resources Center gets added to our website – you will be able to get community specific information on how to start your business. This will be helpful I you are just starting out or if you are currently a business owner you can see what like-industry companies are close to you. In the end we are all trying to help each other succeed and competition is very healthy. I will keep everyone posted when we get close to adding this. The home based business directory and information center will be the more thorough and directed resource center on the Web and Brazzlebox is pleased to offer this to all of you…and yes, singing up is free! Currently you can sign up in New York only but we are hoping to be national within 2-3 months.

Continue making your business great!


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