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How do your Customers perceive your Customer Service?


Yesterday I was all excited about trying out this new yogurt place where you can pick your own flavor and add toppings of your choice. It became very popular quickly and I was impressed to see that when I arrived there was actually a line out the door. As cool as it looked inside and excited I was to try out all of these flavors it was immediately evident that the entire staff looked simply annoyed. I saw 5 employees and none of them interacted with each other, it seemed like they didn’t even know each other. The cashier avoided all eye contact and looked like they couldn’t wait to be doing something else. Not even any interaction between the employees and the customers, no smiles, no waving to little kids, nothing. Could it have just been a bad night for their staff. That’s allowed right? We all have bad days once in a while. Or is it a hiring practice issue as hiring well and getting people to work well together is actually a difficult skill to master. How about improving employee morale and keeping it high? Is the focus on making money quickly more important than staffing effectively to treat customers well and have them return? You of course have to do both.

Some of these jobs are the first jobs for some of these teenagers and need some direction on how to be a good employee and they are so eager to learn. You cannot expect perfection from someone if it is their first job as they do require more training and need consistent interaction from their trainers to improve. The biggest thing I have noticed in places I have worked is that employees are told immediately when they do something wrong but are rarely informed when they do something right or applauded for their ‘above and beyond’ efforts. Reward their good effort and you will be amazed how it increases their production. Plus it doesn’t have to be an award or cash, it can simply be an ‘atta boy’ or an ‘atta girl’, or “good job’ or the good ‘ole pat on the back! Put don’t touch your employee’s back… H/R issue just waiting to happen :).

Now will I go back to this yogurt place again? Yes, I will try it again, but I will be looking out for miserable workers because it could be an indicator that the business is also being run poorly. With about 10 ice cream stores within a mile of this store I have many choices and will go where my business is appreciated.

Employee morale – such an easy thing to keep high and it makes such a difference but we sometimes forget as business owners that this is our front line and the perception of the whole company comes from how they are treated by your employees.

Have a story to share? How do you improve your employee morale? Comment here or on our Facebook page.

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