Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

The Shop Small Business Movement – Is It Working?


You cannot turn on the radio or TV or go on the internet without hearing or seeing the phrase ‘shop small’ or ‘buy local’. It is great to see the focus on shopping small and buying local, the trick is how do we measure if it is working?

When I had my store some people would say that they always like to buy local and buy from local business. It is always great to hear this isn’t it? As a small business owner you tend to go above and beyond to make that person feel welcome so they come back and spend more. You may even learn each other’s name. How great is it when someone walks in to your business and says “Hey Glen” and you reply “Julia, how are you?” or “Jake, what’s up?” This is a powerful marketing and sales routine that provides repeat and comfortable business. Other customers also hear this and you can tell it has a positive impact on their shopping experience in your store.

When I am out getting something or in a certain area I am always thinking is there something else I need that I can pick up from a small business? If I head into the city of Syracuse, NY I will make sure I take the time to pick up bread from one bakery and cookies from another. I grab lunch from a local independently owned restaurant then shop for clothing in a locally owned store. If I am travelling I always pick the local store owner over the large chain. It is a kind of lifestyle that does require thought and effort but it is very rewarding as your business is ALWAYS appreciated.

“Small Business Saturday” is a great movement! “Small Business Every Day” is what is creating awareness for. The rewards program Brazzlebox is developing benefits the small business and the consumer and it costs the small business nothing! That is how it should be right? Small business should not have to offer 50% off or a $20 gift certificate for $10. You are in the business of making money and not giving your product or service away. Consumers will pay for a good product and great service and the features Brazzlebox is developing will bring awareness to that and to you.

So is the ‘Shop Small’ movement working? All of these communities nationwide are spending advertising dollars to get people to Shop Small. We are aware that just telling people to do it is not enough which is why we are working closely with small business owners to come up with more solutions. Are you noticing a difference? Let us know on this blog or on Facebook. We will talk with some local businesses in our area over the next week and let you know what the feedback is.

Have a great day!


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