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Are Risk Takers More Happy?


I am trying to keep this blog from being predictable so I may from time to time go off the ‘business building’ discussions and bring to your attention information I have found to be interesting.

I rarely read motivational or ‘be successful’ books anymore because I just do not personally get anything out of them. I find certain people in culture interesting so I like to read about their real life stories or read their biography. One of the radio shows I listen to in the morning is the Colin Cowherd show, The Herd, on ESPN radio. He is a caffeinated sports radio host who is interestingly opinionated with a very direct and entertaining take on all sports. Plus he is a fantastic interviewer. I believe he has a book coming out in November and I am always intrigued about how people like him got to where they are so I am really looking forward to reading it.

For the most part I tend to read articles on topics I am interested in from magazines or online as they are brief and they can keep my attention. Plus I can read multiple articles in different subjects from brilliant people at my convenience. Smack dab on the front cover of the magazine Psychology Today is the cover story “What Happy People Do Differently. #1 They Seek Risk, Not Reward.” Well, that is always nice to see on the cover of a magazine, that our risks are making us happy! It is an article by Todd Kashdan and Robert Biswas-Diener (I am glad I do not have a hyphenated name, I have a hard enough time getting people to spell my first name with one ‘n’ instead of two). It goes on to say that curious people knowingly invest in activities that cause them discomfort as a springboard to higher psychological peaks. Being happy is being adventurous – try something different on the menu instead of the same old burger. Sustaining happiness is not only about doing things you like it requires growth and adventuring beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone. Again, really like reading this kind of stuff. So lets look at risk taking in starting a business as an attempt to be happy. I know when I created a loyalty based employee program at one of my start up companies the positive response was exciting. The stress of building a product or service can be immense but delivering that product or service and having it being heavily welcomed and desired is exhilarating. Hopefully some of you see the happiness that comes from your risk. I am sure if money is coming in you are pleased but I am certain there are other aspects of your business that make you equally happy if not more.

Might have more on this topic in the coming weeks as there seems to be a lot of discussion on why business owners take risk. I am always interested in what other people think is going on in our minds.

Have a dynamic day!


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