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In the Fashion Industry? Great Topic!


I have researched many industries and sometimes I find incredibly useful information to help assist business owners of certain industries to achieve their goals. One of the most exciting industries (fashion) and informative sites was If you are in the fashion industry or are looking to get in – this website is so worth checking out and I am thrilled to be able to direct you to this. is developing an exclusive business social network for this industry as well and there will be a lot of direction to information and finance from Fashinvest.

What is FashInvest?

FashInvest is the first community for emerging growth companies within the Fashion, Fashion Tech, Retail, and Branded Goods consumer sectors that brings together thought leadership, financing strategies, and business experts in the industry. Since its founding in 2009, Fashinvest is now regarded as one of the most respected business platforms committed to company growth and formation within these markets.

Who started this? The CEO and Founder is David Freschman, who has one of the most impressive resumes including venture capital, entrepreneurship and being a consultant for the ABC show Shark Tank. It was also Co-Founded by the brilliantly creative Erik Seel.

Sign up for their updates:
The FashNews Posts offer daily reports on current activities in the emerging fashion and fashion technology arenas. Here readers can find the latest news on who has received funding, who is providing the funding and what strategies are attracting financing. In addition, the News Room offers exclusive interviews with leaders in the industry and topics of interest designed to offer necessary tools for emerging fashion entrepreneurs to achieve growth success!

Visit often:
FashInvest is always changing and enhancing with new programs and offerings. Visit us often to learn what is new in the industry, who is driving change and who is achieving success. In addition, FashInvest will be visiting the leading geographies where fashion and fashion technology entrepreneurs are launching concepts every day!

This is such a great resource that allows the creative person in this industry to spend their time doing what they love, being creative. Fashinvest Where Fashion meets Finance! If you have any feedback either way let me know, I always like to follow up my blog articles with some Q & A.

Have a Dynamic Day!


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