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JOBS – Movie Review & Brazzlebox Next 30 Days


JOBS – The Movie…review and more!

What is better for an entrepreneur than going to watch a movie about one of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time!? I went into to this movie with moderate expectations…didn’t expect it to be as good as the movie Social Network but was hoping it would capture some of the key points in his Biography and about Steve Jobs life. The movie simply highlights the major developments in the history of Apple. Where did they come up with the name Apple (spoiler alert and I love hearing how this happens from any company)? Basically from him working at an Apple farm, he liked the Beatles and their label name Apple records plus since they were going to compete with Atari, Apple came first in the phone book. They chose Apple and if they did not think of a better name then they would keep it which is exactly what happened with Brazzlebox. You have to call it something and when you decide on what to call it, you then call it that and then it gets comfortable and begins to make sense and usually sticks (I had to re-read this sentence a few times, still doesn’t sound right but I think you get what I meant). Let’s go back to the phone book and about how being first was important in the 1970’s – it is amazing how the phone book influenced names of companies that still exist today… AAA travel? Because it comes before A Travel and AA Travel. Clever. Anyway the movie is a great idea for the person who likes biographies and wants to learn more about the man behind the computer or the “Macintosh.”

My takeaway from the movie? A flawed, passionate man with the ability to see into the hearts of people to deliver them the product they desire most. He was all about making the end user happy and the PC experience simple and beautiful. He made my Cassette Tape and CD collection obsolete pretty darn quick with the Ipod – but how cool was the Ipod when that first came out!?

The next 30 days for my company, Brazzlebox, is going to be huge. I am going to go through a few new business experiences that I cannot wait to share with everyone. One experience in September is a meeting with some large and interested investors to assist in Brazzlebox’s national roll out and hopefully assist us in going global sooner than anticipated. There will be a lot to share as I will learn quite a bit and I hope what I go through will help some of you and provide direction. Also doing a new press release soon – I will blog soon just on that procedure which is very simple and if directed properly can be a big help to your business.

As always – any comments are appreciated and any other bloggers feel free to share links on my blog to your page. There are a lot of brilliant people out there to learn and experience from!

Have a dynamic day!


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