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Miley Cyrus – Bad for Business?

Will SmithCyrus

Ok – is MTV at fault or should Miley’s image consultant be fired? I totally understand that re-investing your self to be marketable for life in the music industry is difficult. I would have just loved to be in the room when the decision for this performance was made. Was everyone really pumped? Like thinking ‘this is the best thing ever’? For me it was simply comical and a huge swing and a miss. One of those swings were you swing so hard you fall over. What was that dressing room doing after that performance? High fiving and ‘great job everyone’? Or did one person with a clue say ‘oops’. Will Smith and family’s facial expressions nailed it (attached to blog). Then this performance was followed up later by one of the greatest performances I have ever seen on TV by Justin Timberlake. Classless versus classy…who won? Justin.

Shows how important image is and even more important it shows if you screw up how bad it can damage your brand or in this case Miley’s career. She will obviously recover and when we watch her on Behind the Music in 10 years we enjoy listening to her say ‘what was I thinking’?

Let’s see some comments on this one. What did YOU think?


4 comments on “Miley Cyrus – Bad for Business?

  1. Lisa
    August 26, 2013

    Let’s start with MTV, The production of the entire show was some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Now for Miley. She isn’t a girl with a huge talent. She’s a girl who was marketed to death by Disney. Anyone can be famous and popular and sound good when they have good press, and good music technology. As for her staging with Robin Thicke~trashy, distasteful, lacking musical and dance talent. I’m so disgusted with MTV and Miley. As for Robin Thicke? He’s not that good, Why is he suddenly so popular?

  2. brazzleboxceo
    August 27, 2013

    Lisa, perfectly said! I think Robin Thicke’s mother was appalled too. Plus what does Miley’s future husband think of all of this? Can’t be too thrilled. Would Miley let her 13 year old daughter watch this someday? Curious…

  3. Lisa
    August 27, 2013

    I told my daughter that if I was Liam Helmsworth(sp) Id run for the hills. They are too young anyway

  4. Shenna Lakey Crowner
    September 2, 2013

    She is still human, she bleeds like we bleed.Everyone keeps getting surprised when these younger actors that was once role models turn bad.Its like this, my mom wanted me to do and act a certain way because it made her look good, so I could not be myself cause I wanted her to be happy.So when I got a little older to make my own mind up, boy oh boy did shit hit the fan.She grew up that’s all.She had to be what everyone else wanted her to be and did what was told for her to do now see, boy oh boy u got shit hitting the fan.She is just coming out of that shell she has been hiding in all these years.Give her a break.She is human with money and fame.I did not see anything wrong.She just grew up and is differant now,is there a crime for growing up .What u all thought she was gone do life shows all her life.well look her

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