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50 Shades of Green


What an interesting social event this weekend…the announcement of the cast of the book turning movie, “50 Shades of Grey.” Of course there was the typical arguments of how they got it right or wrong in terms of the actual actresses and actors playing the roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey. That is the beauty of reading books is that you imagine what the characters look like based on the descriptions, but we can be disappointed when it comes to the big screen and they look totally different than we imagined. I read the Lord of the Rings trilogy many times before the movies came out pictured Strider and Frodo much different than the actors looked (geek moment, sorry). But it wasn’t the debate over the right cast that was interesting…it was the fact that groups of mostly women were already planning their night out for when the movie gets released (expecting around 8-1-2014)! There was discussion of dinner and wine and limousines – wow! I would just like to be in the theatre and listen to the reaction of everyone as their favorite scenes take place – c’mon, we are talking great entertainment here (and yes, I am a little curious to watch the movie myself having read the first book, but I may have to wait for the Blu-Ray on this one).

This movie is set up to have one of the largest openings ever (50 Shades of Green) so it didn’t really matter who played the roles did it? The cast not being superstars may just make this movie even better and the story can be focused on rather if the superstar bombed or not. Any comments on the cast? Your thoughts? Post a comment!

As a business how can you take advantage of the publicity? I have already seen signs in from of some stores offering “50 Shades of Printing – 30% off.” Clever and creative marketing works. Have people bring in their movie stub for 10% off if you own a store or home based business – build that rapport and discuss the movie (go see it first). This is such an attention grabber that all of the heavy duty marketing is being done so just get on board enjoy the short ride.

Does current event marketing work? I have had this blog for a while and usually post topics on my life and business experiences and get around 500 views a day. However, my blog article on Miley Cyrus (bad for business) was read by over 10,000 people. Pretty sweet and a clear indicator on what grabs people’s attention.

Have a dynamic day!


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