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Fantasy Football? How about Fantasy Business?


Fantasy football got off to an amazing start with Peyton Manning from the Denver Broncos throwing for 7 touchdowns in the first game of the season Thursday night. Fantasy football has a definite love/hate about it…kind of like Neil Diamond or the Beatles, you either love their music or hate it, there is no middle ground. At any rate – Fantasy Football is a booming business – restaurants even host the glorious ‘draft night’ to get in 8-10 league members and offer deals and discounts. If you had $15k – $25k and were well written and knew your football you could probably start your own fantasy projections/score projections website. There is a lot of them out there but you could come up with something fresh and in the internet business people do like fresh and new. Look how many dating websites there are now. Just when you thought that market was saturated with Over 50 dating, Christian Mingle, Plenty of Fish, Just Lunch…up pops Farmers Online dating! SMH – A market I never would have thought of. Find a niche or a need not being met and go with it (someone start one called “30 for 30” – just for 30 year olds and theme it around that generation. That is a half million member potential idea, charge a $1 a month, just list me in the credits when your valuation hits 50 million. You can throw speed dating meetings at Dave and Busters!

I was sad to see a local business close it’s doors in Cicero, NY last week. I remember the actual day they opened (over a year ago) as they put up their grand opening sign and I yelled out the window of my car as I drove by “good luck!” I got a nice “thank you” in return and you could almost see the hopeful look in their face (I was actually driving by slowly which allowed me to see the sense of hope). Every time I drove by that building over the past year I always looked to see if business was picking up and I have to say I did not ever see much happening there. I know some of you have been through this – the hard work, time and energy (and money) to get your dream started and maybe it started strong and dwindled or never really took off. You have to have the dreaded “what went wrong” conversation either in your head or with friends and partners. Was it the location? Did I not advertise enough or did I use the wrong media? Was I promised big returns from local advertisers and radio stations and newspapers that if you place an ad with them you saw this amazing graph and flow chart with big numbers and about how it will get their word out. Off topic for one second: Always be cautious of the salesperson selling space in papers or on Radio/TV. Their goal is to fill their pockets, not yours. They work for someone and do NOT ever sign a long term deal or personal guarantee. You will find out how much they do NOT care about your business or community when your business is struggling to make payroll and you cannot pay their $100 – $500 ad space they talked you into per month for 10 months. They will call, harass, and even file a judgment against your business for the deal they ‘sold’ you just a few months ago. Frustrating but there are predators out there – just be careful and remember that you are the customer and you know what you can afford. So anyway – back to this business that closed it’s doors…sometimes the idea just doesn’t work or the needs of the consumer are already being met. will really bring businesses in communities together to network and help you through your struggles. You had the idea and vision and WIT (Whatever It Takes) to get it started and getting some feedback from your network of local community businesses or industry network of businesses will really help. What you are going through other most likely have and you can hopefully avoid the same mistakes or take advantage of the things that worked. You are among family with Brazzlebox and we will find the best partners to help you grow your business. We will best find the resources and the businesses that really want to help you succeed so you don’t have to.

So – a Fantasy Business website? Not sure how that would even work but it’s the word Fantasy I wanted to focus on. If you are starting a business or have a business – what is the fantasy? To just get by, to make a decent living as your own boss, to make a million dollars? Add that paragraph to your business plan or write it down and see how realistic it looks. You most likely are not going to make a million dollars or retire selling $4 subs at one location in a tier 2 or tier 3 city but you could make enough to live happily. What is it that you are trying to accomplish and then list everything you can do to make it happen. In one of my businesses I envisioned our restaurant menu based on things I saw or read in other cities and just drew it up on a Sunday night. The menu and food was a big hit! But…the store also had a retail side and not enough product was ever ordered to cover the expense of the size of the location…oops! You win some you lose some. But remember, that’s ok. Stand up, dust yourself off and keep going. You do get better at being an entrepreneur each time. I must mention one of our most famous sandwiches, The Fat Ted and Amy sandwich… It was named after a local radio station duo (93Q) and they decided what they wanted in the sandwich. Since it was a ‘fat’ sandwich it must contain many items jammed into a tasty amoroso roll. So this had chicken tenders, cheesesticks, philly steak meat, french fries and ranch dressing. Sold over 600 of that sandwich alone in one summer! Wow – now I am hungry.

We are all in this together – e-mail me at if you ever want to ask something specific or maybe inquire if some of these local Seed or Venture funding companies are useful or just a bunch of egos showing people how smart they think they are. There is only 1 person looking out for your business…you! Brazzlebox will be there to help and our intimate community and industry knowledge across the nation will be there to direct you as you need it. Plus it is free!

I just re-read everything above and realized I was all over the map today, must have been that Dunkin Iced Coffee. I really want you to succeed in everything you do and if we can help you avoid the scammers and the egos and the people who look out only for themselves then mission accomplished!

Why did I choose this cool fantasy looking picture for the topic photo? Because, it was a cool fantasy looking picture! Very Hobbit or Sci Fi…it’s amazing what you find in Google Images!

Have dynamic day!


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