Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Are You Cold Calling Me?


I do get asked on occasion what my greatest success story in business was. My answer is not what you would think as it has nothing to do with the building or selling of a company. The answer is it was a sale I made on a cold call to NY Yankee Stadium. I was dabbling in the t-shirt and printing industry, specifically in collegiate wear (Syracuse Orange) and working with a great printer in Syracuse, NY. The Syracuse Orange football team had won enough games to make a Bowl appearance and the first ever Pinstripe Bowl was going to take place in Yankee Stadium. Since this was the first Pinstripe Bowl I made an assumption that Yankee stadium had a need for merchandise to sell it seemed like a great opportunity to get in touch and see what their needs may be. Let’s face it – this is a baseball stadium and a baseball team and they control their own merchandise. After the last Yankee game of the season these people probably fly off to Key West or the Caribbean for a few months. This Pinstripe bowl had to be an annoyance to them and since the announcement of what team will play at these Bowl games comes late, there is little time to prepare. So I looked up a few numbers on the internet and called them. I got transferred around a little and then was given a number to their merchandising department. So here is where the fun began! I start my deal and tell this guy who answered what I was offering… he stopped me quickly and started yelling “Are you cold calling me!!??” Before I could reply he said it again “Are you cold calling me!!?? If I was chewing gum I would have probably swallowed it. All I got out was “I sure am.” Then this guy starts talking to someone else in the room and starts telling him that I am actually cold calling him about selling merchandise for the SU vs. Kansas State game. I heard a muffled but excited “wait, let me talk to him!” Turns out they had not prepared anything for the game and needed a licensed printer for a ton of apparel. So I made his life easier, and yes, I cold called Yankee Stadium and made a $25,000 sale. Woo-hoo!

The moral of the blog today is simple – it never hurts to try no matter how impossible the sale or idea may appear to be. What is the worst that can happen? So you get yelled at once in a while…it could turn out to be the best sale you ever made. No phone number is too big!

Have a dynamic day!


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