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Investor Pitch Decks

Pitch 2 attended a mandatory pre-investment pitch seminar last week in Philadelphia. It was designed to allow you to make your pitch in front of a group and then be coached by experienced industry professionals. Overall I will have to say the experience was good and we learned a few helpful tips. Some of the coaches were outstanding and some coaches were simply not. I say this because don’t ever think everyone is always going to like you, your idea or your skills as a presenter or a CEO. It only takes one person or group to believe in you. At these pitch events there are dozens and dozens of companies looking to invest in your company and not all of them are going to like your idea but again, it only takes one.

In regards to the pitching rooms – in one room there was engagement and useful feedback and that is the result of a great coach who really took control. In the other room even though we had one brilliant coach is was colder and not as engaging and the two other coaches seemed a little disinterested in everything. Just don’t be intimidated whether it is a pitch event or you are looking to secure funds from friends and family. Your enthusiasm in your idea will inspire them and hopefully inspire them enough to write a check!

Are you beginning the process of looking for funding to start your business? Whether you are pitching in front of a large group or you are pitching in front of your parents follow the link I included below to one of the best ‘how to pitch’ resources I have seen in a while. It provides and example ‘pitch deck’ as well as great direction from J. Skyler Fernandes, he is the Founder of One Match Ventures and he provides the resources for the website.

Click or Copy this link in your address bar:

Good luck – any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at

Have a dynamic day!


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