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TGIF – Where Did it Come From?


As we prepare for the launch of Brazzlebox 2.0 we see that Apple launched it’s iOS 7 and the Iphone 5C and 5S are available to purchase today. Massive lines at the mall today at the Apple store plus people waiting for 10-14 days in the street in NYC. I use an iphone, and I just wait 7-14 days after launch and then go into my local AT + T store and get my upgrade then. But right on the heels of this is the iPhone 6 and I am told you can get credit by turning in your old iPhone 5.

So – today is Friday and the acronym ‘TGIF’ over the past few years has been used more and more by the regular and social media. Where did TGIF come from? The term originated by an Ohio disk jockey, Jerry Healey in the early 1970’s. Then in 1978 it was further popularized by the Dona Summer movie, Thank God It’s Friday. Of course there are now many variations… Thanks Gosh it’s Friday; Thank Goodness It’s Friday… Now add the phrase ‘Happy Hour’ to TGIF and you got a great combo there. It appears the first official Happy Hour occurred at an actual TGIFriday’s restaurant in NYC many years ago. This guy Alan Stillman thought that people who worked hard all day deserved discounted food and drinks after a long week’s work. I am one for a good discount! Whether it be on a shirt or socks or chicken tenders and cold beverages.

I remember when ‘free’ refills on soda started – I think it was at Friendly’s? What a joy it was to slam 5-6 glasses of Coke for 99 cents. Not sure how old all of you are – but how about going into a restaurant and the Hostess saying “smoking or non-smoking?” WOW! Both of my parents smoked so you would have found me in the smoking section sucking in secondhand smoke as I ate my popcorn shrimp and hush puppies at Red Lobster. I was always amazed how the smoke trail from my parents cigarette made a bee-line right to my nose. Even if I shifted my position it followed me wherever I went. I have to say I do not miss people smoking in restaurants and even bars and it seems unreal that it even happened.

No airbags in my mom’s 1977 Opal and no seatbelts. I even sat in the middle up front where I would have been launched out the windshield if we crashed. I rented a car not too long ago and it did not have power windows – my son didn’t know how to open it! I said roll the handle. He said ‘huh?’, so I had to demonstrate how to do it and he even struggled with the circular motion. Maybe that is why we had stronger forearms in the 70’s? We had to manually roll down our windows!

TGIF everyone – enjoy your weekend. Getting excited about Brazzlebox 2.0 – releasing very soon. All of you business owners and budding entrepreneurs are really going to be thrilled with our greater networking capabilities and free features. We are thrilled to provide this to all of you.


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