Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Leap…and a Net Will Appear!


This is the hope right? That we take the chance or we take the leap and something will be there to break our fall? We take the risk and we hope it pays off? We challenge ourselves and we hope for a good outcome? You betcha!

It’s thrilling isn’t it? That desire to create and build something that someone else wants. We do it for the smile, for the idea validation, for the (cough-cough) money. But it doesn’t stop after one success. We leap again and again and we believe that net will always appear. Some people will not understand you and therefore will think you are absolutely nuts. That entrepreneurial desire does not exist with everyone and from what I have read in journals there isn’t a FDA approved drug to make it go away.

It’s like hunting. Some do it, some don’t and we think the other is nuts for doing it or not doing it.
One side: You hunt? What are you crazy? You don’t mind killing Bambi’s mom?
Other side: You don’t hunt? What are you crazy? The deer starve if we don’t lower the population. We hunt for the meat and for the thrill.
If you do not like to hunt you can understand the reasoning but simply don’t have that drive or desire to do it.

Hunting, Schmunting. It’s Friday night and I am comparing hunting to being an entrepreneur – BORING. I just want to let you leapers out there know that I understand how you feel and I am going to help you with some nets if I can.

I attended an investment pitch event this week – I will share what happened in my next blog topic, you will find the whole dynamic interesting.

Now, go leap or hunt or something. Oh…irrelevant sentence: Go see an IMAX movie soon if you never have – don’t complain about the price, just go, it’s awesome!


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