Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Pitch Events & Crowdfunding – Worth a Try?


I recently attended a pitch funding event in Philadelphia. The idea is simple, develop a pitch presentation (deck) of your well organized business idea and present it in 6 minutes in front of multiple enthusiastic investors. Well…you hope the investors are enthusiastic. Overall I will give the event an A but in regards to what it was actually supposed to do I give it a D+. Here is why. Not one time at the event did I personally get any indication that there was one serious investor or group interested in investing in any of the ideas. Either investors were there in advisory roles or doing their friends a favor. There were so many great ideas and businesses there needing a small financial step stool yet it felt like it was a fools gold event. Now these are just my opinions based on what I saw and many successful businesses have been funded in events like these.

This is of course not the intention of the directors of the event who did an amazing job. Also, it is likely probable there was some private follow up from some of the investor to some of the pitching businesses. I just saw a lot of defeated faces at the end of the day hoping for a different outcome. Here is where Brazzlebox will come in. We will create desired outcomes for the great ideas and businesses that were passed up. Look, not everyone is always going to want to invest in your business and no matter how fancy someone’s suit or watch is they, or the group that they are with, are not always in a position to invest. Brazzlebox will have a feature that will be available for well organized business ideas to get funded. More to follow!

Crowdfunding! Rockethub or Kickstarter? I recommend this equally for the publicity and the funding. It is easy to set up and it gets your name out there and if you developed your funding page properly and with detailed content you may get the desired funding outcome you were looking for. Brazzlebox even placed a page on

At the very least these funding exercises require you to create and prepare intimate and critical information about your business. Information that once assembled you can present to just about anyone. So going through the motions will develop you into a better presenter and increase your confidence in your business model.

We have a sample presentation pitch deck available for anyone interested in using for themselves – just e-mail us at and request it!


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