Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Thanksgiving or Thanks for Shopping?


So… it has finally happened! A few stores are opening the morning of Thanksgiving to get a head start on the Holiday shopping season. Is it a surprise that it is K-Mart and Sears…two stores that are struggling for market share? This is a hopeful advantage for both stores but this decision draws so much controversy.

“People should be home with their families!”
“What about the employees who are ‘forced’ to work?”
“Do we really need another shopping day?”
“What would the fox say?”

It is a bitter pill for sure if you have no choice but to work – hopefully there is extra incentive for employees who do end up working that day. No matter how we all feel, we cannot stop it and eventually doesn’t it seem like all stores will say ‘screw it’ and be open on Thanksgiving in the next 1-3 years? That is the way it seems to be headed. Outside of being able to get a TV for a dollar at a store I will stay in, visit with family, give thanks, eat and watch the parade and football.

When I was in my late teens I worked for a retail company and dreaded the day after Thanksgiving and this was ‘way back’ in 1989. It is tough on employees but in just reviewing social media activity most people absolutely love it. They make day of it! As long as you understand there will be hard to find parking spaces, long lines and people everywhere it Holiday shopping can be a desirable experience. I don’t mind shopping the day after Thanksgiving – there are great deals and it gets you in the Holiday spirit. Check for great deals at small businesses as well!

Now let’s talk Small Business Saturday – as fun as that slogan is with the cool alliteration and as much attention it is getting, shouldn’t small business get some attention for Black Friday as well? Most large stores make over 60% of their profit during the Holiday season and that goes for small business as well. Small Business Saturday, as great as it is, could send a message that we only need to shop small one day during the Holiday season. This could not be farther from the truth – and all of you small business owners know this. will highlight the entire holiday season for all small business and create daily awareness which is what they need. Stay tuned as we develop the features around this free promotion for all of you small and home based business owners!

Do you have a problem with opening stores on Thanksgiving Day? What are your thoughts? Seems unreal doesn’t it!?


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