Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Small Business Saturday…Has One Flaw


I visited 17 small businesses today and spoke to the owners and employees. All were overjoyed with the weeks of Small Business Saturday marketing on television, radio and through social media. However, at all 17 business there was an unfortunate ‘but’ that came next…

But nothing magical happened. Sales were normal and there was no real spike in customers. Why? Wasn’t everyone supposed to shop small today?

The answers came from the owners:

“Small Business Saturday shouldn’t be during the busiest shopping weekend of the year where big box stores have deals all weekend that drives customers away.”

“People don’t seem to understand what shopping small really means. It means don’t go to McDonalds for lunch, grab a bite at a local lunch spot instead. Don’t buy that shirt at Old Navy, go shop at the local apparel store right across from them in the mall.”

It makes sense doesn’t it? How can you even focus on shopping small when there are doorbuster deals every hour all weekend at Best Buy and Target? I drove by many businesses and parking lots were close to empty. Drove into the mall…couldn’t even find parking.

The movement needs to be much bigger and here is what makes sense:

December is Small Business Month – shop small business throughout the month of December and support your local business and community!

One day of shopping small does not keep a small business in business. Continued awareness throughout the holiday shopping season will help ensure people do shop small and more than just once. Small Business Saturday isn’t going anywhere as American Express uses it to market their own products and credit card services to small business, not the consumer. Maybe we can ask all big business to close on Small Business Saturday? Yaaaaaaaaa no, not gonna happen. officially declares December as Small Business Month! Shop small all throughout the month December and support your local business and community! Now that’s how we make a difference!


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