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Word of Mouth Marketing


I have personally done a ton of research on ‘word of mouth’ marketing. I am nauseous from reading so much of the same old uninspiring articles.
“Provide a top notch product!”
“Provide excellent customer service!”
“Thank your customers for their business!”

Ok folks… if you do not know you need a good product and to have great customer service and to say ‘thank you’ then what are you doing starting a business?

If you actually achieve successful word of mouth endorsements it usually means you built an enormous level of trust with your customers. This trust takes time and can be lost in an instant. Getting involved with your community on any level will get you started with your word of mouth advertising. Start with schools – they are always throwing fundraisers, so on a specific day have a certain percentage of your sales go to the school activity. That activity that needs the funds will spread the word to buy or shop at your store that day and you create a definite win-win situation. Enhance the quality of life for your community and have pure intentions – it gets noticed and positive feedback will get around quickly.

Careful: Don’t count on a Facebook post about your business or a sale to be your only marketing effort. Do you sign on to Facebook to get 20% off at a local business or do you go on to say Happy Birthday to someone or post your ‘selfie?” Answer: SELFIE!

We all cannot afford billboards so consider window or telephone pole signs which have been effective forms of advertising forever. Get to know the business owners around you – they can be a huge help is directing new customers to you. A nice mix and effort with all of the above is a great start to get people talking about your business.

Real Life Example: Someone I worked with in California flew to Syracuse, New York and the first thing they said was, “I have to try this restaurant called the Dinosaur BBQ!” This person knew nothing else of Syracuse except for the exceptional BBQ at this local restaurant. How did this happen?

1) Great Food
2) Consistently Great Food
3) Unique Atmosphere
4) Cheeky Service (I always wanted to use the word “Cheeky”)!
5) Did I Mention Great Food Done Consistently?

People who experienced this loved to pass that information along. They almost cannot wait to tell someone what a great experience they had at this cheeky BBQ restaurant in Syracuse! That is what you have to create… It does take time to perfect but you can do it.

Now, I normally do not include links to information but out of all of my research I found this to be one of the best word of mouth marketing articles by Daniel Kehrer, Founder & Managing Director of BizBest Media Corp:

Happy New Year Everyone!


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