Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

@smallbizglen – Calling all Network Champions!


I am now on Twitter – follow me @smallbizglen and thank you!

Brazzlebox is launching soon. It is an exclusive social network for small and home based business owners. The promotions, the content and even the advertisements are designed to help the business owner prosper. Every promotion will benefit your business and every advertisement offers you a discount on a product or service you need to run your business. You choose your network whether it be local, national or by industry. The controls are with you! We will highlight additional features as we get close to our launch.

I ran several small businesses and I know the challenges you face and I created Brazzlebox to help you.

We are currently looking for industry champions who are interested in partnering with us to create their own industry networking platform on Brazzlebox. As the champion of your industry you will bring in and build your member base, choose your content and even choose your desired advertisers. The industry will be exclusive to you or your group and you will benefit from the earned revenue.

If you have a large network or can create, develop and market a new network within a certain industry, profession or group feel free to contact us for more information.
Twitter: @smallbizglen

We look forward to hearing from you!


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