Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Brazzlebox has Officially Launched!

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Brazzlebox has officially launched! You can go to and sign up now.  We are the exclusive applied social network for small, at home, start-up and Veteran businesses.

Attention: Entrepreneurs, direct sales representatives, hairdressers, photographers, landscapers, retail, restaurants, crafters, contractors, grocery, consultants, realtors and anyone owning a small or start up business… this social network if for you!  We hope to see you on Brazzlebox to join our small business family!

Our Process & Our Phasing
Welcome to Brazzlebox 1.0. We are so excited and honored to be launching and to have your interest and participation. We are building and we can’t do it without you and your engagement. Our dreams and effort built Brazzlebox to the point where you see it today. We call this Brazzlebox 1.0.  In the coming weeks and months we will constantly and tireless improve and extend the power of this network.
You are joining an open, living process to build an applied social network for small and at home businesses. We have spent over 18 months, dreaming, planning, building and preparing. We need you to get onboard, engage and teach us how to best serve you. Our small business and yours can and need to grow together.
Please understand, there will be kinks, SNAFUs and areas that need fixing, improvement and refinement. This is true of all small business and what makes our project, and yours, so dynamic challenging and exciting.
Welcome to an open beta process. We will be building this platform, with you, directed by you and for use by you. Please tell us what works, what needs improvement and what you would like to see us add.
Welcome, lets build this together!
Glen, CEO, Brazzlebox,

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