Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Brazzlebox reaches 5,000 Small and Home Based Business Members

I have to say – when I started developing the site years ago I always wondered how fast people would sign up when we finally launched.  A social network JUST for small businesses – how cool!  Initial instincts make you want to believe that you can get 1 million people in 4 days – and that is a gigantic LOL because it’s not probable.  We had to really understand that even getting 100 small businesses to take time out of their busy schedule to sign up is a pretty big deal.  So reaching 5,000 new members in under 3 weeks we very exciting and is more than we expected.

We extend thanks to our first 5,000 and look forward to the next 5,000.  Connecting to like minded small business owners is important.  Connecting to other businesses in your community is important.  We are building this around what is important to you.  A lot of sites say they help small business but what they really want is small business money.  Brazzlebox wants big business to provide deals and discounts to our members.  We are not asking for small business money.  The site is free.  When I read some big businesses who want to reach small business owners pay $30 million dollars a year just to show up on top of search engines I was blown away.  If they want to reach small businesses they can through Brazzlebox and they must also provide our members with a discount on their product or services.  We are looking out for YOU the small and home based business owner.  We will be the voice of small business owners everywhere and make sure you get everything you deserve for the sacrifices you make.

If you have not signed up yet you can join for free at  Hang with us as we grow the features and make this the #1 resource for your small business.  We appreciate everyone having patience as we deal with issues and bugs that every small business has.  In the end this will be an amazing social network for small businesses who can connect to other small businesses and community.

More to follow soon –

Glen, CEO, Brazzlebox

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