Coffee with Glen, CEO of Brazzlebox

Small Business During Halloween – More Tricks than Treats.

One of the big problems Brazzlebox solves is our desire to actually help small business.  Let’s be honest, there are so many sales associates and marketers that say they help small business but really all they want is small business money.   The features image on this post is once of my favorites… Lucy pulling the ball away at the last second from Charlie Brown.  She promises she will not pull it away and she does.  Kind of like these sales folks tell you they promise you will get more business and more exposure and in the end there are no guarantees and they yank the ball away as you try to kick it.   Of course we all know these people make commission on their sales but always keep in mind that you are in control, you set your marketing budget and don’t fall for their overselling tricks where ‘they just got approval from their boss to give you am amazing deal!’

Even in the business of a large social media company like Brazzlebox we get potential partners wanting everything and offer just about nothing in return.   On everything is a treat!  Small businesses can join, network, create groups, check out their community page all for free!  With over 6,000 members already signed up nationally in under 2 months get on board and start connecting with other like minded small, at home, Veteran and start up business owners.  It’s exclusive to small business owners so no worries about policing the site for negative comments.  Have not joined yet?  Go to and join for free!

So the Holiday shopping season really begins now.  Spend your marketing money wisely and remember the power of word of mouth advertising.  Engage your customers and you will be rewarded.


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